Welcome to Briglair's Hut!
Who are we & What do we do?

Briglair's Hut is full of people from all over the world. We started gaining members back in 2012. Most of our members have come to us through the Youtube community. Many of the members who joined have become the backbone of the community and support it daily.

Briglair's Hut supports a friendly environment for friends and people alike to come and game with eachother. Here, Grand Theft Auto V is played with police mods, and we roleplay as a Sheriff's Office within Los Santos. We strive to keep a simplistic, yet realistic experience for everyone with professional radio traffic and procedures being used. Just follow a few simple rules and you are on your way!

We do not make people go through hours of training just to be allowed to play, and we certainly do not have an abundant number of ranks for people to climb through. We are here for the game, and to play the game. For information on how to join, keep reading into the 'Getting Started' section.

Getting Started

Getting signed up and playing with Briglair's Hut is quite easy. Currently, in order to join, you must be able to play Grand Theft Auto V with the police mods we use. Before applying, you should ensure that you meet the requirements listed below.

  • Must be at least fifteen (15) years of age.
  • Must have a functioning microphone.
  • Must be able to use Teamspeak.
  • Must own a legitimate copy of GTA:V.

We will not accept "I'm getting a new computer soon" or "I'm getting the game soon". Once you have everything you need, then apply. If you have met all the requirements, then feel free to login on the top right and click the flashing apply button!


Use your forum account info.

Don't have one? Click 'Forum' on the left, and register!

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  • Password:

  • Remember me?

Briglair's Hut is a great community for people to come and play. Behind the scenes, though, things cost money. If you're able to help out with those bills, that would be awesome!