Welcome to Briglair's Hut
Briglair's Hut is a community that brings a multiplayer Law Enforcement group to Grand Theft Auto: V using a private server on the FiveM multiplayer client. However, we have been around far longer than that. We started gaining members back in 2011! Aside from GTA:V, our members are able to enjoy all other popular games together. There is no limit with what you can do with us. Most of our members have come to us through the Youtube community. Many of the members who joined have become the backbone of the community and support it daily.

Briglair's Hut is a group of like-minded individuals who strive to create a positive community environment and immersive law enforcement experience using a combination of mods and custom scripting for both Grand Theft Auto: V and Teamspeak 3. An unsophisticated ranking structure and semi-realistic police procedures keeps things organized without making the learning curve so steep a new member can't join in and pick things up right away. The balance between realism and fun appeals to a wide audience and we already have members from various levels of interest in roleplay, law enforcement, and Grand Theft Auto: V.
The multiplayer client allows us to install new car models, player skins, and scripts without having to worry about Social Club accounts being automatically suspended by Rockstar. On top of this, our community supplements the experience with an in-game and web-based MDC system that is capable of not only Computer Aided Dispatch (a dynamic call and unit list) but also being able to store information about characters you contact in game and recall that information later (warrants, license status, etc.) We continuously work together to find improvements that make the game even more enjoyable to play.
The reason we are all here is to have a good time. Modding for Grand Theft Auto: V is rapidly expanding as more and more leeway is given to third party developers to create custom content. This future content will continue to aid us as we keep things fresh by populating patrols with unique, player-created scenarios using custom scripting to our advantage to create fun 911 calls and other events to take part in. Blaine County is a vast patrol space with many areas that promote a variety of unique roleplay opportunities. We hope to expand in the future to include other roles that members may be interested in playing such as Air Support, Marine Unit, Investigations, Ranger, Warrants, Tactical, and more.
Interested in Joining?
The application process is simple! We will receive your application as soon as you submit it (duh!), and you will also receive written confirmation. Once we review your application, you will be asked onto our Teamspeak 3 server so we can get to know you a little and break the ice. If all goes well, you're in! Before submitting your application, can you say "Yes" to all of the following?
  • Are you mature? - Members are expected to maturely balance the commitment to realistic law enforcement simulation and having a good time. In addition to this, you may be exposed to adult themes associated with law enforcement simulation. These themes may be offensive to some and can include mild to strong language, use of drugs or alcohol, violence, and mild sexual themes such as dealing with prostitution, registered sex offenders, or sexual assaults.

  • Do you have a functioning microphone? - Our primary method of communication is voice chat. You need to be able to communicate!

  • Are you able to use Teamspeak 3? - We use Teamspeak 3 for communication.

  • Are you able to properly speak and understand English? - As mentioned above, our primary method of communication is via voice. It is important for us to all understand each other and communicate properly. We have/had members from all over the world that spoke various different languages. Don't worry if English isn't your first or best language!

  • Do you have a legitimate, functioning copy of Grand Theft Auto: V? - GTA:V is the game we play. Briglair's Hut does not support or condone piracy. You need to have a legit, functional copy!

  • Are you able to run and play FiveM? - FiveM is the client we use when playing GTA V. Of course we would need you to have it working!
Applications aren't open quite yet! Keep checking back!